March 29 – Thurs – South Hamilton, MA

We have a hoot of a show today celebrating the 95th Birthday of the Wenham Museum.

WHERE: Community House, 123 Main St, South Hamilton, MA
WHEN: 4pm – 7pm
WHAT: Birthday Party for the Wenham Museum
WHAT ELSE: Activities including a birthday hat station. PIZZA!
WE’LL PLAY: Two sets of music

MORE… It’s the 95th Birthday Celebration for the Wenham Museum. Their motto says it well, “Celebrating Childhood, Connecting Generations, Honoring Heritage.” They have more cool stuff than I can account for here. Their latest exhibit called Dig This.. And Build That sort of sums it up..

See and touch everything from architecture and autos to books and blocks in our latest exhibit!

Featuring original illustrations from Virginia Lee Burton’s classic 1939 book Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, and antique toys from the museum’s collection, we have it all when it comes to construction: vehicles, building blocks, Erector Sets, puzzles, LEGOs, and more! There are also original illustrations by two current artists: Chris Van Dusen’s books If I Built a House and If I Built a Car, and Brian Lovelock’s books Roadwork, Construction, and Demolition.

Plus, dig out some toys and materials to create your own constructions right in the gallery! Get on a digger and move stones in the pit, put together amazing creations from Lincoln Logs, building blocks, LEGOs, and more, and try your hand at building a book to take home with you!

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