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Ben Rudnick and XM Sirius Kids Place Live host MindyBen Rudnick & Friends Hand Dyed Apparel

Ben Rudnick and Kids Place Live radio show host Mindy
wearing "Band Style" T-shirts at Sirius/XM Radio Studios
in Washington DC, Summer 2009.

Ben Rudnick & Friends' "A Frog Named Sam" was a Top 13 Kid's Place Live Song for 16 weeks straight on Sirius/XM Radio.

All apparel sold on this page is tie-dyed by Ben Rudnick.


Children's Alien Hand Dyed T-Shirts
Children's Alien T-Shirts feature a pink or blue center. The outer colors vary and each shirt is unique! -- NOTE - currently we are only featuring the 10th Anniversary Design show below. The tie-dye design remains the same.

Children's T-Shirts

Alien T-Shirt Design

Children's Hand Dyed Dresses

Children's T-Shirts

"Band Style" Hand Dyed T-Shirts

Band T-Shirt